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Fresh Food Vending 24/7: Touch Automated Retail Creates Solution for Jamie Oliver

How easy is it for a catering company to extend the availability of fresh food within their client sites? The answer is… incredibly so.

No longer does any catering operation, already producing fresh food for a daily service, need to shut-up-shop at the end of each day.

Last summer, Toby Hanbury & The Healthy Vending Company (now part of Touch Automated Retail) demonstrated some very exciting vending machines.

Tasked by Jamie & Jimmy, we produced an automated retail solution designed to extend the availability of fresh food within a call-centre and the show aired on Channel 4 in early December 2018.

Importantly, this equipment can be used and replicated across any sector from Business & Industry through to Education making fresh food available once the catering outlet is closed.

Simple, Fresh & Easy: Complete Vending Solutions for a One-Stop Vending Shop

A unique track-dispensing system not only enables fresh food vending 24/7, but it is so easy to adjust that the catering team can simply reconfigure in minutes to facilitate any menu or packaging changes.

Retailing of grab-and-go food packaging such as bio-degradable and recyclable food boxes and even vending glass jars is a breeze thanks the soft-delivery vending box which travels up to collect each item. We can even create vending meal deals with the catering operators and include a cold drinks cabinet alongside one single payment system in order to improve value for the customer.

Cashless payments are plug-and-play, meaning that a hungry workforce can even use their mobile phones to buy fresh healthy food from the vending machine late at night – reducing waste for the caterers and increasing sales and profits.

This episode of Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast can be seen on C4 OD:

Catch the segment in last part of the show… – [email protected] – 01442 768 595